Secured Credit Cards: The First Step of Ten Thousand to Wealth

Credit is a daily topic at Financing. We’re constantly talking about thinking about it, helping people build their credit, and making things happen with credit. However recently someone recently applied for a credit on their own and got denied. They asked us why?

“I’ve never had a credit card before, how do I get one?”

This was a great question. I bet they got denied simply from not having credit history. Sure enough, they didn’t have much on their credit report. We advised them to get a Secured Credit Card.

A secured credit card is the best way to get a start with a credit profile, build credit history, get a foot in the door for another credit card.

The basis of a secured credit card is the card is backed with cash by the cardholder. People who are new and need to build credit, this is a great option. People who have hit hard times and need to build back their credit, this is an excellent option as well.

There is a saying among real estate agents, “the best time to buy a house is now.” That could be said 10X more for credit.

The best time to build credit is 10 years ago, the second best time is now.

There are multiple banks and lending institutions that provide secured credit cards to help people. But how does one know which place to go with?

Call or email Rudy if you are interested in a secured credit card. Rudy has over 20 years of finance history and knows the in’s and out’s of getting you start on your journey to wealth.

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