Housing prices are to be pushed up more

Why are housing prices continuing to rise?

This is a very important question that the buyers are trying to answer for themselves. While 2017 was one of the worst years for Real Estate Investors on record, housing prices are continuing to recover. There are several reasons for it:

- First Time Home Buyers police enacted by government

- Easing of the lending criteria for secured mortgage lending

-A huge influx of immigrants into Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

- And last but not least: simple glorification of home ownership. One JUST MUST BE a property owner

So, even after the crash of 2017, is Real Estate still an asset??? You bet it is! And the controversial political discussions about this issue are heated more than ever. So take a minute to read this article below and you will understand why Real Estate prices will NEVER go down again no matter what the market:


CMHC head sounds the alarm on housing policies that push up prices

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