Worse health habits costing Canadians 6 years of life: study

A striking new Canadian study reveals our worst health habits and most beloved vices — smoking, lazing about, eating junk food and drinking booze — contribute to around half of all deaths in Canada, and shave an estimated six years off the life expectancy of men and women.

“We know these things affect your health — but the impact is massive,” says lead author Dr. Doug Manuel, a senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital and professor at the University of Ottawa, and a senior core scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences.

The findings informed the development of an online life expectancy calculator, ProjectBigLife.ca, which crunches your health and lifestyle data to reveal your personal projected life expectancy.

Publishedthis month in PLOS Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal, the study pegged smoking as the top health hazard to Canadians.

The team also provided exclusive data to the Star, which reveals just how many years of life Canadians lose with each bad habit.

Smoking slashes an estimated 2.8 years off of Canadians’ lives, according to the researchers. Physical inactivity is next, at around 2.6 years of lost lifespan, followed by 1.2 years for poor diet and around 2 weeks for alcohol.

Source: Toronto Star. Click here for rest of article

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