Find 'Win Circles' in life to create positive habits.

I call it a Win Circle.

What’s a Win Circle?

Well, like the M.C. Escher image, I think of Win Circles as any series of small habits that positively impact each other in a circular and never-ending fashion.

Want an example?

Well, you know if you get a better night’s sleep, you’re more likely to eat well and go to the gym. And then what happens after a day where you ate well and went to the gym? You sleep better. So you’re more likely to eat a good breakfast and go to the gym again.

That’s a Win Circle!

Each step positively impacts the other in a circular and never-ending fashion.

On the gym Win Circle, I even saw it immortalized recently on the cover of a book by bestselling author and speaker Dr. Greg Wells called The Ripple Effect. (I love Dr. Wells’s work, but all that’s missing on the cover to me is an arrow from the bottom back to the top again!)

What’s another example?

Well, back when I first started working at Walmart over a decade ago, there was a Win Circle pasted on the wall. It said “Buy for Less” and then a big arrow pointing to “Sell for Less” and then a big arrow pointing to “Operate for Less.” And then the arrow from “Operate for Less” pointed back to “Buy for Less” again.

Basically, that’s the Walmart business!

And partly why they’ve been such a successful company.

Source: Toronto star. Click here for rest of article

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