Brokers share tips about growing business.

Becoming a successful mortgage broker involves more than merely facilitating deals—sound business acumen is paramount, too. Ameera Ameerullah, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Financial Group, says that face-to-face meetings with clients is still the most effective to market oneself. Rather than remaining glued to the computer screen and solely relying on email blasts, meeting clients new and old is a recipe for success. Another way of accessing a deeper pool of potential clients is by connecting with builders. “Put incentive on what you can offer them, so that they reciprocate the business and they make you an exclusive broker to do the mortgages,” she said. “Typically, builders always have a mobile specialist on site.” She added that B-20 is an opportunity for brokers because deals are being rejected at higher rates than ever before and they can find the right lenders. Ameerullah advises calling clients back quickly, too. “When it comes to communication, it comes down to trust,” she said. “The way you get more business is if someone is sending you a deal, you should be honest with them and tell them if this deal is a go or not, or where it will fit right away, rather than prolonging it and trying to find a fit. Be honest up front and it will help you get more business.”

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