5 things you should know about safely using a space heater.

Adding a portable space heater to your cold-weather arsenal could make these bitter winter days a lot more bearable. These heaters used to get a bad rap because of safety concerns, but like many home appliances, today’s models are designed to be safer and sleeker than the heaters of old.

When used carefully, they allow you to provide supplemental heat in a small, targeted area, as opposed to dialing up the thermostat for your entire house.

“It’s something you may remember when growing up in your grandma’s house, but they used to be a lot more dangerous than they currently are,” says Brett Brenner, president of the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). They still require mindful operation and, he says, “people do leave them on overnight when they are sleeping, and we still don’t recommend it.”

Source: Toronto Star Click here for rest of article

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