Not wearing a Hat to keep you Hair nice isn't worth the Frostbite.

As a family doctor who serves students, nothing drives me nuttier in sub-zero temperatures than walking around the downtown campus of the University of Toronto and seeing people without hats.

Yes, a hat messes up your hair, but have you ever seen what frostbite does to your ears? The discoloration, blistering and swelling aren’t great for your Instagram close-up, let alone your health.

It’s not just vanity that causes people to underdress. At this time of year, I often see students shivering in my waiting room because they haven’t invested in warm winter clothes. Some are newly arrived from warmer countries and genuinely don’t understand the dangers of being improperly dressed in a Canadian winter. (A few years ago, a nurse at U of T even started a coat drive for these students.)

Source: Toronto Star Click here for rest of article

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