How Vegetarians can get enough protein without meat.

There’s no doubt that meat provides protein and other essential nutrients, but it’s also possible to get your protein from foods such as beans, eggs, nuts, yogurt and even broccoli.

One of my son’s Grade 8 friends recently became a vegetarian. He joins the approximately 4 per cent of youths in the U.S. (up from 2 per cent 10 years ago) who eat meatless.

As much as my boys respect his choice and recognize his passion for the environment that spurred the decision, neither of them truly understands it.

Although my sons eat plenty of vegetables, their most requested dinners include sausage, pork or ground beef. In fact, their favourite meal is grilled pork tenderloin with bacon corn relish. We call it “pig on pig.” We eat it with loads of green vegetables and rotate fish, chicken and quinoa on other nights. But I won’t lie: I make it a lot.

The boys asked how their friend could put on enough muscle, possess enough energy or be such a good athlete without meat.

Source: Toronto Star. Click here for rest of article

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