The Secrets to Aging well from 3 sprightly seniors.

We talked to a scientist who points to eating well and exercising — but three active seniors also say loving well is key.

We all know someone who is bright and funny, lively and largely cheery, someone who lives every day to its fullest — and who is well into his or her senior years.

These are the people who, when we leave their company, we think: I want to be like them when I get old.

Yes, some of healthy aging has to do with genetic luck. But much of it has to do with making smart lifestyle choices every day of our lives, from eating well to laughing with friends to learning to tango.

The Star spoke to an expert on aging and three sprightly seniors — who are experts in their own right — on what we can all do now to live it up like our trio later.

‘Healthy lifestyle factors are only healthy if we sustain them’

Nicole Anderson, a senior scientist at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences, talked to the Star about the kinds of New Year’s resolutions we can make today to help us be healthy and happy in our old age.

Source : Toronto Star. Click here for rest of article.

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