Cutting Sodium, Sugars in packaged foods may not lead to healthful products, report suggests

Buffeted by changing consumer demands and concerns over the health effects of excess salt and sugar, the world’s largest food companies have tried to make their products more healthful.

Many have promised to reduce sodium and added sugars. Others have removed artificial colours and additives.

But a new, peer-reviewed government report suggests these tweaks have not made packaged foods more healthful overall: While sodium and sugar have decreased in many products, there’s been a surge in the amount of saturated fats, which raise blood cholesterol.

Experts say the contradictory trends speak to the immense difficulty of reformulating packaged foods — even at the world’s most advanced food companies. General Mills, Kraft, Nestle and many others have struggled to make foods more healthful while also maintaining price and taste.

Source: Toronto Star. Click here for rest of article

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