3 Tips that could Save you thousands on your Mortgage,as Interest Rates rise

Sean Cooper wiped off his $255,000 mortgage in exactly three years and two months, at age 30.

He took on two extra gigs, in addition to his daytime job as a pension plan analyst in Toronto. He lived in the basement of his own house, while tenants “thumped around upstairs.” And he threw every spare penny at his quarter-million loan.

Two years later, Cooper is mortgage-free and has written a well-reviewed book about it. But he is still working 70-hour weeks and living in the basement. The goal now, he told Global News, is to amass enough cash to retire extra early, if he so chooses.

Clearly, the workaholic, frugal lifestyle suits him. And clearly, Cooper isn’t your average homeowner.

Source:Globalnews.ca. Click here for rest of article

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