How to deal with creaky knees

Experts say no pain usually means no problem, but when creaks actually hurt and are joined with swelling, catching, instability or reduced mobility, it could indicate meniscus tears, torn ligaments or osteoarthritis.

There are body parts I just don’t think about until they get in my way. Or worse — slow me down.

This seems to be the case with a lot of readers and their knees.

Janice James Barlow, who is in her early 60s, has noticed that the two joints pivoting between her calves and thighs crack whenever she sits down or stands up. “Is this common?” she wants to know. Is it a problem for knees to creak, crack, click or groan? And, what can be done about it?

The rule of thumb guide according to Dr. Jacqueline Stoller is : “Let pain be your guide,” she says. “Your body will tell you if it’s unhappy.”

Source: Toronto Star. Author: Michel Henry. See paper for rest of article.

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